Chanel resin jewellery

//Chanel resin jewellery

What is this peculiar material that captures the Chanel symbols to create must-have fashion accessories?

Resin? You said resin…an extraordinary process that immortalizes beetles and butterflies?

Imagine bracelets, rings, and charms beautifully displaying the Chanel symbols? Resin is a liquid material that becomes very hard once it dries and is therefore very resistant! This system also offers a multitude of combinations!

I have been collecting resin Chanel bracelet and cuffs for a long time! I love piling them on my arm and adding lots of color to my otherwise very black looks.

I find resin to be a very chic base for rhinestones and contrary to common preconceptions, the inclusion resin is a very difficult technique to realize and we are very far away from “plastic” items for kids.

Here are a couple pieces from my collection…so are you tempted by jewelry made with resin?

My advice? Don’t hesitate to stack them on!